how to remote control my home computer over Internet

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how to remote control my home computer over Internet

Postby redge » 2005-10-20 22:16

your need remote control
from office, remote control your home computer

at your home (vnc server, the computer you want access from outside of your home.

download and install UltraVNC 1.0.2

install UltraVNC server (winvnc as service system)

configure VNC password, (there no default password anyway)
VNC Password on the server

configure winvnc admin properties

if you rent on your contrat a static public IP address, remember it !
if you have dynamic IP from your ISP
subscribe to dynamicDNS service provider supported from your home NAT router and configure it properly and remember your new host ynamicDNS addresse

home NAT router (config)
redirect port 5900 to your internal home lan computer
follow Port forwarding NAT/router/firewall for any VNC

at your office (vnc viewer)

download and unzip the vncviewer to your favorite place.

open vncviewer.exe
in the VNC Server field, put your own
rent static public ip address :
your own full host name address dynamicDNS subscribed at home, example:

viewer usage option available
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