Failed to get server address !

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Failed to get server address !

Postby redge » 2006-01-09 05:55

Solution 1:
if windows firewall enabled on XP SP2
vncviewer ...Lookup server address ... Failed to get server address !

vncviewer can't reach vnc server by hostname address
remote desktop connection (mstsc.exe) can't reach remote desktop by hostname

netbios name filtered, hostname blocked by windows firewall XP SP2


use ip address instead of the hostname address
disable windows firewall on XP SP2 if you have already an NAT/firewall on your broadband router,
so you can reach again yours vnc servers by hostname on your local area network (LAN)

manually add DNS IP address to your broadband router
exclude the vnc server/vnc viewer computer outside of DHCP range or reserve MAC address/hostname to DHCP range

Solution 2:
XP or Vista
Control Panel ... Security Center...
Windows Firewall -- tab Exceptions --
[v] Files and Printer Sharing (enable)

How to Debug "Failed to Connect to Server"
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