After Entering VNC Password-Nothing Happens or crash

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After Entering VNC Password-Nothing Happens or crash

Postby bevtech » 2006-01-19 16:13

When I try to connect to the VNC session running, I get the login screen prompting for the password. After I enter the password and click OK nothing happens.... the VNC viewer seems to dissappear....

Solution 1:

Make sure that the remote machine does not have a screensaver on, with the 'protect with pasword at wake up'

Solution 2:

Display adapter maybe causing issue:
Known Video Apdaters that can cause issues

ATI chipsets
Intel Chipsets

If the video adapter has a tray icon for quick adjustments disable the tray option, turn off all unnessary enhancements on the video driver

Turn off Hardware Acceration:
(windows XP)
Display properties>Settings Tab>Advaced>Troubleshooting>

Slide the hardware accerlation to none and uncheck Enable write combining
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