UVNC 1.01: No Directory Transfer At All

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UVNC 1.01: No Directory Transfer At All

Postby bevtech » 2006-01-20 14:51

Solution 1:

Make sure that zip32.dll and unzip32.dll in the same folder as the viewer. Download the files from http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/u ... ipUnZip32/

Solution 2: After an upgrade to UVNC 1.0.1

After upgrading a couple of our UltraVNC servers to v1.0.1 we found that File Transfer failed with a message something like "Connect failed, the remote server has file transfer disabled". On investigation we found that, on the contrary, file transfer was enabled on the server.

However, after some searching around I found reference to a "User Impersonation option" which "limits remote file system access to identified Windows users only". In other words, with this option enabled, you have to be using one of the new MS Logon modes with a windows username recognized in the VNC server or its associated domain.

Since we don't use the MS Logon options we would not expect this to be a problem, but it appears that in v1.0.1 the the "User Impersonation option" is on by default unless disabled by adding a new registry entry.

I have encapsulated the solution into a .reg file which we now use on any UltraVNC server that refuses to participate in File Transfer, so far with impressively consistent results.

We placed the following text into a suitably named reg file, e.g. "FixUltraVNC101FileTransferFailure.reg", saved the file, double clicked on the file to set the necessary registry entries, restarted, then tried the File Transfer again.

Comments, corrections, and admonishments welcomed. The REGEDIT4 format has been used to ensure compatibility with most of the Windows OSs. N.B. The two blank lines at the end are important.

==================== Begin ====================


==================== End =======================

FTUserImpersonation use the current logged user, NOT the mslogon user.

FT only works when somebody is logged.
FT permission are local user
FT can copy/delete files with the permission of the desktop user
FT can acces shared folders

FT does not require a logon
FT is being done as "local system"
FT has full access, you can copy/delete files as you where administrator
FT has no access to network shares and special "current user folders"

Just know what you are doing before setting FTUserImpersonation=0
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