How do I get the tray icon to show

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How do I get the tray icon to show

Postby bevtech » 2006-05-29 21:11

Solution 1:

Make sure that you have winvnc installed on as a service

Solution 2:

Try to run the servicehelper

By placing a shortcut in the Startup folder
C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\\winvnc.exe\" -servicehelper

Solution 3: (From:Red_Baron)

The latest version of Ultra Vnc needs to have "Terminal Services" in Win XP and higher versions running as Manual or Automatic. If "Terminal Services" is disabled or not running the tray icon for UVNC will not run by default. Basicly the child of the UVNC service running will not start, and without (the child) it running the server is not running or listening.

Solution 4: ( Be very careful with this you may have to reset ip addresses etc)

Make sure that your TCP/IP stack is free of malware and spyware
winxpfix ver 1.2
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