Connection failed - Invalid protocol !

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Connection failed - Invalid protocol !

Postby redge » 2006-06-28 23:09

Connection failed - Invalid protocol !

Possible causes:

- UltraVNC Server not yet compatible remote desktop client.
- some VNC flavor could fail between UltraVNC

- You've forgotten to select a DSMPlugin and the Server uses a DSMPlugin
- Viewer and Server are not compatible (they use different RFB protocoles)
- dsmplugin not support concurrent multi-sessions

This above line should be added until dsmplugin allow multi-sessions.

and misspelling command line should also fail.

UltraVncSC based on RC23 fail between others vncviewer flavors
UltraVncSC based on REL1.00 (TEST) fail between others vncviewer flavor (tight ; realvnc)
dsmplugin not compatible with others vnc flavors.
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