Lost Icons and Context Menus

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Lost Icons and Context Menus

Postby bevtech » 2006-09-04 01:19

This is caused by running different versions of UVNC or other VNC Flavors on the same ports and same file name

From Developer Rudi
When viewer show less icon buttons, there is a version mismatch between
server and viewer.

Server and viewer negotiate the supported option, when a option is not supported (sample: Ultra Viewer and real server) the options are removed from the button bar.

From User Redge

Solution 1:

Yes, if you use old realvnc 3.3 using same file name winvnc.exe, so only one possible or you need to change the name and port for realvnc server and another name port for UltraVNC Server

but if you have realvnc 4.1.2 free edition, you won't need to modify the name winvnc4.exe , not same name, but you require to change the port because their use same port and conflict and only one can answer for same port.

realvnc don't support with UltraVNC
Hide Toolbar, Toggle Remote Input, Open File Transfer, Select Single Window, Select Full Desktop and Open Chat.

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