DSM Plugin does not work (with UltraVNC 1.0.2)

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DSM Plugin does not work (with UltraVNC 1.0.2)

Postby UltraSam » 2007-02-16 14:49

A few things to know:

1. The .dsm plugin file must be in the same directory than the UltraVNC executables (viewer and server), and not in the 'plugin' subdirectory created by the setup. This will be fixed in the next UltraVNC setup...

2. The MSRC4 dsm plugin looks for the rc4.key file, and some versions generate new key files as "new_rc4.key", so you have to rename it manually first.

3. The same rc4.key file must be copied and loaded by the same MSRC4 plugin version on both sides (viewer and server)

4. The MSRC4 version (1.2.0 / 1.2.1) that comes with UltraVNC 1.0.2 setup has a bug when running under W2000. In this case, simply download the latest fixed version (1.2.2) here:

For others plugins (ARC4 or AESV2) problems, this post will be updated when necessary.
You can also browse this section of the forum for additional help:
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