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Hi there .. I need help in trying to figure out how to modify the UltraVncSC exe program ... I have a old UltraVncSC that I use and it is working fine .. I need to modify it a little by changing the artwork and the text inside the box (double click to make a connection box) .. so I made a copy of all the files from the old program and put it into a new folder .. when I modified the artwork and changed some of the text in the helpdesk file ... I didn't modify the vnchooks.dll ... schook.dll or the winvnc.exe files ... I then zipped it and uploaded it to your server to produce a new exe file ... after that is done and I download it to my computer .. when I double click on it to run it .. I have another computer running the ultravnc viewer waiting to a connection ... so when I double click inside the UltraVncSC program to make a connection ... it just goes down into the taskbar and doesn't give a signal to my other computer using ultravnc viewer .. no hand shake is made .. what am I missing here .. pulling my hair out trying to figure out what it going on and what I'm missing
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Re: UltraVncSC

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2017-07-01 13:20

1) you used 7zip to extract the exe in a folder
2) made changes
3) tested by clicking winvnc.exe in that folder
4) zipped the folder
5) uploaded as zip
6) created new exe (sfx)

check zip

*check if the files are in the zip, and not in a subfolder
and not

check result
extact the new downloaded exe in a folder and verify if the result is the same

the exe is a 7zip sfx file, if you have 7zip ( http://www.7-zip.org/ ) installed you can easy extract the SC exe.

If you still have trouble, more info is needed
-name zip
-the uploader/creator you used
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