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Reboot Host Remotely

Postby cbkschroeder » 2018-07-26 17:33

Hi. Thanks for reading my question.

Is there any way I can reboot a remote machine using the viewer console? Toward the end of last year, this ugly thing reared its head:

... and I can comfortably say it persists:

... 'cause it's sure happening to me!

What's happening is that if one is running UltraVNC (I'm running and one ties to access Avast on the remote machine, one loses the ability to interact with the machine; the connection becomes unresponsive.

Foolishly, I opened an Avast window on my server machine and now I can't interact with my remote server. A trick I could do to get myself out of this in the past if I right-clicked on the the Avast taskbar icon "by accident" is to start a vnc chat. This removed the popup menu which appeared after my taskbar click. Unfortunately, having the Avast window open means I'm now stuck. My remote server stares back at me and, while I can start a chat (!) I can't otherwise interact with the remote machine. I've configured things to lock the remote machine when I close the view console. When I return with a new connection, sure enough I have to do the CTRL-ALT-DEL thing, and I CAN interact with the remote server enough to log in, but once I've unlocked the machine, the ability to interact with the remote machine is once again lost. I somehow need to close that Avast window but at this point, the only way I figure I could do it would be through rebooting the machine remotely. How can I do that through the VNC viewer console?

Thank you!
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