Outdatet TLS version

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Outdatet TLS version

Postby Nanobot » 2020-03-11 20:32

Hi Rudi, hi everybody,

I just got a warning from Firefox 74.0 that this forum uses a TLS version < 1.3 and therefore the encryption should be consired as unsecure. I had to explicitely activate TLS < 1.3 to be able to load the forum. Firefox also tells me, that future versions of Firefox will no longer support TLS versions < 1.3
Therefore I think that it is mandatory to update the forum as soon as possibile so that TLS 1.3 is used as encryption.

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Re: Outdatet TLS version

Postby Neustradamus » 2020-04-05 01:50

Rudi De Vos: Important to see after several years...
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