UltraVNC How does this programs works

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UltraVNC How does this programs works

Postby redge » 2005-08-13 20:24

UltraVNC is based on free realvnc 3.3.7
UltraVNC is free and add(ed) a lot of features

  • Ultra vncviewer, javaviewer is viewer part
    View only ---> Winvnc
    class room = students watching board of professor
    show room = customers watching slideshow from presenter
    remote monitoring = security camera view


    control (modify/read/write content of server, host)
    remote control = techncian, administrator ---> server
    teleworking= yourself --> your home computer/office computer

  • Ultra winvnc or SingleClick is server part
    content to be viewed/controlled from you or technician or anybody have password right access or Query request accepted.

  • Ultra Repeater
    act as proxy/firewall/broadcast
    (NAT helper relay like p2p and multicast as near futur ;-))
    enterprise, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) (more 5 computers),
    class room, show room, hepdesk, remote monitoring, remote control

3 main usages: (with or without repeater)
  • UltraVNC Remote control
    - based password, control access
    - viewer connect to server (direct, classic metho)
    - without user at front of remotely controlled computer)

    you connect from home to your office computer or inverse.
    vncviewer as application connect to winvnc started and run as service system

  • SingleClick, Helpdesk usage
    - without password, Query request accept or refuse
    - server connect to viewer (reverse connection)
    - SingleClick as application (client, user) request connection to vncviewer (heldesk)

    support on demand (user is seat of front of computer and ask assistance to helpdesk)
    techncian as vncviewer listening mode, need only accept or refuse reverse connection made from customer.
    see How do I use SingleClick --> HowTo for first time users

  • classroom, showroom
    multi viewers connect to one server
    (students, customers) vncviewers (only view ) connect to winvnc (read only)(professor, presenter)

Ultra Repeater internal or/and external usage
usage: only 1 computer need Repeater

remote control, teleworking
(you) viewer ---> repeater ---> winvnc (remote computer)
show room, class room
(professor, presenter) ---> repeater (broadcast, multicast <--- vncviewer, javaviewer (clients, students read only)
(Singleclick, helpdesk)
(users) singleclick ---> repeater <--- viewers (helpdesk staff read/write)

almost all Ultra software can be used as safe
depend of user (yourself security need or not)
administrator, enterprise policies (for enterprise usage)
(except javaviewer, repeater1 (repeater2 under beta test as SSL compatible)
vncviewer, winvnc, singleclick can use dsm encryption plugin for secure connection

more informations about
UltraVNC (built 20110518)
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