pchelpware, fast direct connection dynamic viewer

pchelpware, fast direct connection dynamic viewer

Postby redge » 2006-11-20 22:51

Testing pchelpware release 1.0
(built 2 January 2007 ~01h00 am)
direct connection via dynhost uvnc.com helper and dynamic ip viewer

You don't need to subscribe to dynamic dns service.
uvnc.com is the helper for everyone require almost easy and fast direct connection.
The viewer have an dynamic ip and ready to open single port at their side and not familiar with dynamic DNS service
and you don't want to subscribe or forgotten/closed your account from dynamic dns service provider.

--== viewer require click "Start" before server "Connect" ==--

1. -=viewer (you)=-

you, applicable only to pchelpware_viewer, (do not apply this part to partner)
if your Internet Gateway Device is not fully compatible UPnP or not enabled.
open incoming port TCP 5500 to your Internet Gateway Device, NAT router/firewall and redirect to your internal computer where sit the pchelpware_viewer
see portforward for how to forward/virtual server from your broadband product to your computer.

Single Port Forwarding

Application | External | Internal | Protocol | IP Address | Enable
pchelpware | 5500 | 5500 | TCP | | yes

download PchelpWare_viewer.exe

Set the PcHelpWare_viewer.exe as below, then click Start
replace "mytestname" by your own

2. -= partner =-

open and start
enter login mytestname and password

3. -=You are connected to partner =- :-)

Quick Trouble shoot

Disable DirectX (optional)
required for some situation of blank or black screen

software/hardware unable to allow Direct3D ..

or /and

missmatch, wrong or forgotten password (local or/and remote)

PcHelpWare not compatible VNC
so you require pchelpware_viewer and pchelpware_server for sucess.

for your information,
the content of helpdesk.txt of the above PcHelpWare_partner_direct.exe
the part to change is mytestname and password by your own aliasname , public ip or FQDN

------------------------- begin helpdesk.txt -----------------------------------
-connect dyn:5500 -dynhost uvnc.com:5912 -dynname ask -passwd ask
------------------------- end helpdesk.txt --------------------------------------

download the full package of pchelpware for create your own pchelpware_server for give to your partner.

How to create pchelpware_server ?
from pchelpware_viewer, complete required field as example above.
click over "Create Server for this viewer settings" or "Create Server"
find the file created to folder
\PcHelpWare\myservers\mytestname\PcHelpWare_server.exe (as exemple)
send your custom file to your partner.

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Re: pchelpware, fast direct connection dynamic viewer

Postby mitsjol » 2007-04-19 08:44

Failed to set alias, i filled in al de fields how you did it... is that wrong?
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Re: pchelpware, fast direct connection dynamic viewer

Postby YY » 2007-04-19 09:23

There is an issue with the repeater on dynalias function and not yet solved, thus this service is not supported at this moment.
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