NAT to NAT - PLEASE NO NO NO Ambiguity!!!!

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NAT to NAT - PLEASE NO NO NO Ambiguity!!!!

Postby jstorm13 » 2007-12-27 04:32

I am SURE there are MANY who would like a CLEAR answer to this question.


ok, if you answer please answer simply so everyone can understand.

I searched the Internet for a full day, and I even searched this slow site for a couple hours. I did see a post that made LITTLE sense to me.

Thank you anyone in advance for answering this post and I am sure others will thank you too.

You might say, It is possible but only with port forwarding... or, if you know it is possible please give detailed instructions on how to do it. Please DO NOT add anything about leaving this port or that port on a router open. Let us assume no ports are blocked... If it connects, it connects.

I tried installing the repeater service on a machine with a static ip address. i ran the repeater and opened the window and it appeared to be waiting for connections, a viewer connection on port 5901 and a server connection on port 5500.

I tried to run my server machine with the correct command line with this after: -connect [assume the a valid ip address].. it would not run, i ran winvnc, then i added a new client and added then used a standard name on the second line, this appeared to connect to the repeater, but i could not get the viewer to then connect.

In repeater, do you check the box allow connections to server? what do you put in the box underneath that??

I think I am close, but not sure what I am doing wrong. If one person could explain things, it would be a big help.


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