VirtualBox VMs and remote "Escape key" via UltraVNC

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VirtualBox VMs and remote "Escape key" via UltraVN

Postby poutnik » 2009-01-13 17:23

I am running at home Windows Vista 64 Home Premium, using UltraVNC v 64b, driver installed, version not handy now.
I am little playing with VirtualBox 64 ver 2.1.0 and Linux distros
to get into Linux, with usage of Right CTRL as VBox "Escape key".

Recently, when I was remote controling my home PC from work,
I got trapped into VM, not able to escape pressing Right CTRL.

Is any way to pass Right CTRL via UltraVNC ?
Or what uvnc passable key UVNC+Vbox users prefer instead, not to interfere with normal keyboard usage ?

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