send app to a running uvnc copy from windows console?

send app to a running uvnc copy from windows console?

Postby rbadillarx » 2009-11-12 19:55

Hi all:
I have using for a while UVNC on my Windows and VNC (several flavors on *nix machines).
On a *Nix machine I can log to a ascii console; launch a VNC server and via DISPLAY variable export a GUI apps to that VNC server. So I can use a headless (no video card) machine and run GUI apps with a VNC client.
So I have a Windows machine with UVNC, this is running a VirtualBox Windows VM. What I want to make is run the VirtualBox Machine on a UVNC server while keeping free the console. So later I can make that the VBox Machine run as service onto the UVNC "copy" with out having to let the real machine console locked running the VBOX sfw.

What I need to know is this can be made with UVNC on a windows machine.
So can anybody tellme is this can be done.

PD: I was thinking disable impersonanilzation, but I need it in order to let other users make VNC connections without specifiying ports.
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