SC high cpu usage and out of sync issues

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SC high cpu usage and out of sync issues

Postby trevorw » 2009-12-20 18:15


I'm new to UltraVNC (I've been using TightVNC before) and been quite impressed with its features, especially the Single Click one.
While running UltraVNC in 'normal' server mode works fine (either with the RC4 plugin or w/o), I ran into a number of problems with the SC setup.

The server is a XP SP3, with basic firewall rules and NOD 32 2.7 - it's using a very light configuration, with minimal services. The client is running the latest version. Again, both work just fine when using the normal setup (server waits for clients).
When the SC starts, the connection is done successfully and the server initiates the connection to the client. However, in a matter of minutes after the screen shows up a number of problem appears:

1. the winvnc process on the server starts eating all the CPU. I have tried various encodings on the client to no avail. I've tried changing the view settings on the server but it seems they are locked (I change them, click apply, okay, look at the again and they are in the original form).
Toggling off the remote input and blank screen solves the problem, meaning the CPU is back to 4-10% and everything seems to be fine.

2. prolly due to the remote screen being turned off, when starting basic applications such as skype, the screen goes out of sync on the client - the Skype startup window is not shown, the systray doesn't get updated with the Skype icon and expanding the systray on the server is not reflected on the client.
I can move the pointer through the client but what seems to be the expansion arrow, is actually clicking on the skype icon. This is just an example - I've tried other programs as well and they seem to behave the same, especially the ones that show some sort of loading screen.
Trying to refresh the screen or changing the settings does not update the screen and the only solution is to reinitialize the connection.
My guess is that the locked update settings on the server, ignore any changes made to the desktop and with the 'ignore remote input' causes things to get stale.

While I can work with 1, 2 is quite a blocker and currently I'm back to the traditional server/client setup which, while works just fine, is a blocker due to the client network setup and policies.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can fix this or at least diagnose things? The card is a basic, on board ATI - the video driver has been installed and works fine in the normal mode but seems unused by SC (probably on purpose).
I've tried different variations of screen resolutions and color depth w/o success.

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Re: SC high cpu usage and out of sync issues

Postby trevorw » 2009-12-20 19:25

Replying to my own thread - apparently disabling hardware acceleration eliminated the 100% CPU problem. The out of sync problem (with Skype in particular) still persists but I think this is related to the polling settings that SC uses by default.
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