One question and 1 problem!

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One question and 1 problem!

Postby richclever » 2005-02-08 15:04

Hi, I have ultravnc installd on my Winxp pro sp2 machine but can't connect over the internet. When I do, i get a file trying to download generally with a name of characters and numbers and only a few bytes long. Firefox tells me it is an application/octetstream. Presumably it is something to do with java which is installed on the browser (firefox). What do I do to get it to run?

Secondly, can I use ultravnc viewer to view a realvnc server over the net? It seems that the realvnc downloads have a virus in them at the moment. Unfortunately for me as I have to connect to a vnc server for some administation work.

Hope someone can help


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Postby redge » 2005-02-09 01:12

you open wrong port !
i have same issue if i open wrong http://hostserver:number

example NOK: (if winvnc 2 ports used !)
http://hostname:5900 (download a file with firefox 1.0)

example OK: (if there no winvnc_1port use)
http://hostname:5800 (open java
and port 5900 must be opened on nat router/firewall

example OK: (if there winvnc only 1port use)
http://hostname:5900 (opened with jre if winvnc_1port use)
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