Connection drops every 2minutes

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Connection drops every 2minutes

Postby jraley » 2012-02-17 18:51

I have been using UltraVNC for awhile now. We are looking at doing a desktop refresh to move to Windows 7 x64 from XP. The desktop we are looking at using is a Dell Optiplex 390. I am trying to setup the first so that we may image it. The problem I have is that UltraVNC drops the connection to the desktop every 2 minutes. I am using the x64 version After going round the world with Dell Pro IT (Gold level) support, they say it is UltraVNC and nothing to do with the hardware. I have installed a spam new hard drive and loaded nothing but Windows 7 x64 SP1 and the NIC drivers to test with. I still have the same problem that UltraVNC drops the connection every two minutes.

Also another problem has become apparent, I cannot see the pop-ups on the task bar when I right click something in the task bar. This is also apparent with Internet Explorer and having multiple tabs open. If I minimize IE while connected, I can never get it to come back up because of this. IE by default pops up a selection on the task bar of the open tabs when clicked on. Since this popup is not visible on the viewer side, you cannot click on one of the tabs to bring IE back up.
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Re: Connection drops every 2minutes

Postby bcruse » 2012-09-10 20:46

Did you figure out the problem? I am facing the exact same issue..
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Re: Connection drops every 2minutes

Postby matgrebe » 2012-09-12 06:38

Can you solve the popup-problem by selecting "capture alpha blending" ?
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Re: Connection drops every 2minutes

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2012-09-12 07:42

Possible it has to do with...the session switch.

From Vista >= the OS use several sessions ( logon/uac/...)
Each session is isolated. To be able to access a session winvnc service needs to restart winvnc
in the active session. This cause a viewer disconnect.

If you activate the auto reconnect ( viewer option) the reconnect happens in background, you only see it mentioned in the viewer caption)
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