complete offline installation ultravnc

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complete offline installation ultravnc

Postby redge » 2010-01-23 01:00

complete offline installation of ultravnc

unpossible, GPL violation.

some part are not GPL (part of Vista/7), this require require separate download (cad.exe, schook.dll)
but from single computer connected to internet like the one you use for read this post, you can download and compile your own installer for internal usage inside the company only.

file change are only vncviewer.exe + winvnc.exe

Rudi De Vos wrote:If you want to install the server only, no drivers
you require


for encrypt/decrypt the vnc connection:
you need for viewer and server:
msrc4plugin.dsm (single thread)
securevncplugin.dsm (multi-thread)
at same level of winvnc and vncviewer (not subfolder)

If you want to install the viewer only, you require:

If you run vnc only in application mode, you can copy them where ever you want, if you want to install them as service (on Vista) it need to be somewhere in "%programfiles%"

If you want it in a single setup you need to create your own setup exe.

1) You need to install inno setup

2) download the win32 bins Full aka

3) download the cad.exe and schook.dll and
(all files required below are include inside the

4) extract all in the same directory

5) add your custom ultravnc.ini to that folder

6) click the INTERNAL_UltraVnc_installer_script.iss, this open inno setup
now press compile and you get your own custom installer.
No internet access needed to load the non GPL components
Ultravnc.ini is installed with installer. The script expect the, he just put the driver files in the uvnc folder , manual install of drivers is needed if you want to use them.

Go ino the INTERNAL iss file with the installation creator tool( ispack installed )

go to "files and directories"

Go down to ultravnc.ini and double click it

Click on the component tab and check "ultravnc server silent"

( I also unchecked "replace same version" and "replace on restart" on the file tab page ).

Make sure your customized ultravnc.ini file is in the build directory

Then rebuild your installation

Here is my config file i am using when doing the installation:

Code: Select all
Dir=C:\Program Files\UltraVNC

example Setup command line:
Code: Select all
\\myserver\Software\VNC\UltraVNC_1082_Setup.exe /verysilent /loadinf="\\myserver\Software\VNC\ultravnc\installvista\setup.txt"

Just note that the example named the installer "UltraVNC_1082_Setup.exe" in the iss config file.... but thats something that can be renamed.

informations from admin developer and user little bit modified:
Rudi De Vos, Icetoad
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