PCHW vs SC future direction

PCHW vs SC future direction

Postby cuppachino » 2007-04-27 05:48

Can the developers clarify what's the road map for PCHW and SC. Is PCHW going to superceed SC, meaning SC development will cease?

If both will co-exist. Can someone point to a comparison chart, if one exists?

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Re: PCHW vs SC future direction

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2007-04-27 08:47

We wil continue both projects..

SC depend on UltraVnc:
commercial bundling not allowed
SC develoment depend on UltraVnc, we first need a v103 UltraVNC
encryption is done with plugins and fix key
File transfer via a explorer like gui
Because SC need to use the rfb protocol, some options are hard to implement

PCHW is not compatible with a VNC.
Only some partial code is public, other parts are freeware.
commercial bundling is allowed
PCHW development depend on other commercial project, common source tree.
encryption is buildin, key is generated for each session
File transfer via copy/paste
PCHW use it own protocol, and can be easy extended, each version wil be
released with his own server and viewer.

connections methods / repeater are common for SC and PCHW

In the long run, both projects could merge. SC is opensource, this mean
share and contribute....the last years, the contribute part is zero.
When no other developpers will contribute, SC wil be superceed by PCHW
if time become to limited to maintain both
Rudi De Vos
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Re: PCHW vs SC future direction

Postby cuppachino » 2007-05-31 20:14

Thank you very much for a precise and concise response. Exact what I was looking for.
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Re: PCHW vs SC future direction

Postby poutnik » 2008-02-25 13:27

That commercial project was mentioned in ultravnce pages several times,
but I have never seen its name.

Is it classified ? :wink:
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Re: PCHW vs SC future direction

Postby redge » 2008-02-25 19:06

This normal, this a convention between Rudi De Vos and the partner of the commercial product do not mention the name of the software anywhere on the forum UltraVNC

This software exist and is great who want easy manage multi-display, spare display, show room, remote control only over LAN, all as realtime.

shortcut mv,
mv video hook driver2 of ultravnc 1.0.4 but a lot better/manage and realtime.

This not help a lot, but you can find the name this way... ;-)
anyway, if you found it, please don't post name here.
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