DSM Plugin Setup and Config Guide?

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DSM Plugin Setup and Config Guide?

Postby own3mall » 2012-07-14 23:13

Hi All,

I've tried to setup UltraVNC to use the encryption plugins several times. Unfortunately, each time, I run into issues, and I'm unsure of how to fix them. So, I copied the plugin into my UltraVNC folder and opened the Admin Properties on the server. Under DSM Plugin, I chose to use the SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm, and clicked on the Config button. I created the keys and placed the .pubkey in the server's UltraVNC directory, and then placed the .pkey in my client's UltraVNC directory. I've also placed the SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm in my client's UltraVNC directory. When I try to connect to my server, I get the following messages:

You have specified an ecryption plugin, however this connection in unencrypted! Do you want to continue?

I clicked on Yes, and I'm now shown an error reading:

Unknown authentication scheme!

Are there any guides for the setup of the encryption plugins? Am I doing something wrong? I've attached a screenshot of my settings to this thread if that will help. Any help is appreciated! I've tried looking for guides through the forums and used Google, but I can't find anything that helps.
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