MSLogon working for some users, not others

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MSLogon working for some users, not others

Postby BBarfoot » 2012-01-19 16:12

I have v1.0.9.6 running in a domain environment with MSLogon enabled on all workstations. I have an AD group for IT users so they can authenticate to user workstations.

This morning, several of the IT users get Authentication Failed when they attempt to VNC into users workstations.

Myself and another tech can, under the IT users domain login, VNC into a target workstation and authenticate with OUR AD credentials without issue.

So, the VNC viewer works and can connect to the target workstation.

I verified that the IT users being rejected are in fact in the MSLogon AD group, and the target workstation has that group listed in the MSLogon ACL, with Domain checked.

Any ideas?
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Re: MSLogon working for some users, not others

Postby blondinje » 2012-05-10 17:57

did you find a solution to your problem? i have similar issue!
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