Getting new NT authentication to work

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Getting new NT authentication to work

Postby nwfmorrow » 2012-03-05 21:13

I was never able to get uVNC to do MS Logon authentication without writing a bat file to configure the client. The only way I found to get NT authentication to work was to use the New MS Logon and to use the mslogonacl.exe to add the users after creating the registry key to put them in. It took some digging in the forums to find this information and after testing and playing with things for several months, things are working reliably.

I hope someone find this useful and it saves them some time. :thumbs:


REM Silently install UltraVNC for x64

set INSTPATH=q:\appls\installs\ultravnc_v1.0.9.6

set DESTPATH="c:\program files\ultravnc"


REM Copy ini file with new settings
copy %INSTPATH%\ultravnc.ini %DESTPATH%\.
copy %INSTPATH%\uvnc.acl %DESTPATH%\.

REM The commands has to run as Administrator or it fails
reg add hklm\software\ORL\WinVNC3 /f

echo Installing UltraVNC. Please wait...
%INSTPATH%\UltraVNC_1.0.9.6_x64_Setup.exe /silent /no restart /loadinf="%INSTPATH%\ultravnc_x64_Install.inf

REM I had this before the install and the authorized user list kept coming up blank
%INSTPATH%\mslogonacl.exe /i /o %DESTPATH%\uvnc.acl
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