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Postby JDaus » 2009-06-01 00:28

SC support for Vista
There are several great projects currently running that may offer support for those using vista, and i will list them below.

Updated Original SC: Vista/Win7 VNC Helpdesk Remote Support Software

The original SC was updated, and now has support for VISTA & Windows 7 ... thats AWESOME, thanks to the DEVs ...

VNC2Me SCPrompt 2009

(SCPrompt 2009 is released under AGPL and is opensource)

This Project was started before the original SC program was updated to support Vista & Win7. It has more features than the original, and is supported by several dedicated people (myself included).

RemoteZilla: Vista/Win7 VNC Helpdesk Remote Support Software
Formerly OneClick
Oneclick has been around for some time, with its replacement RemoteZilla being based on this winning design, but redesigned for easy adaptation to future versions of windows (at least forseeable changes)

While not free for business use, it is reasonable priced, has MANY features (too many to list), is very reliable and is easy to use. whats more, its native C++ code (so no problems with false autoit virus detections), and has been digitally signed for better vista support.

UVNC SC - UVNC-Helper - More Than VNC!
This is one great project, that has moved from being a simple GUI for quick connections to being a fully fledged support system (with a apt-get system that allows support applications to be downloaded and run easily and simply on the clients computer as well as other great features).

This is an open source application, and JohnMC is always keen to help, and improve the project whenever needed.

it s constantly growing very quickly (too quick for me to keep up), and is well worth a look for those supporting clients remotely as a business (provided you can put up with the false autoit virus detections).

Remote Access Control
This project allows for pre-defined connections, has a "crude" but effective GUI that many love, and is fanatically supported by its owner.

While it is not open source, the project owner appears to be very keen to keep it free for commercial use, and if you like it, you can donate to the cause ...

Chunk VNC
With a very simple GUI this is a standout application that is dedicated to using a repeater solution. Don't be fooled by the Simple GUI though, because i packs as much punch as most of the others in the above list.

as other projects emerge, i will try to keep this post updated (if you find any, PM me), to allow for new or returning forum users to find the best solution for their needs, without having to search for hours through the forums.
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