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Tips & Tricks - Testing SC without compiling:

Postby Tc » 2005-12-15 01:25

Have you ever had to redo your SC due to typos in you helpdesk.txt or included the wrong bmp, rc4.key, etc.? Well I certainly have.

Did you know that you can test single click (SC and SCIII) without using the creator. Simply copy winvnc.exe into your working folder with your modified helpdesk.txt, rc4.key, icon1.ico, icon2.ico, logo.bmp, and background.bmp or at least your helpdesk.txt. Prior to zipping execute winvnc.exe. You will be able to use a fully functional version of your SC/SCIII. If you discover a problem just close SC, edit, and test again. Once you are happy, create and deploy.

You do not need to include winvnc.exe in your zip file but if you do it is not overwritten during the create process. This is desirable if you have a custom or beta winvnc.exe. This is NOT desirable if you want the latest version from UltraVNC.


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Postby Zane » 2006-05-26 14:52

Hi, thankyou for your hint.

But please note that this tricks doesn't work with all the winvnc.exe (the official winvnc viewer form UltraVNC doens't work, for example): you've got to use the winvnc.exe packed with SC: just open the mySc.exe file you recive from the creator with WinZip/7Zip/WinRar and extract the winvnc you find there into the same folder of helpdesk.txt
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