WinVNCSC Command Line Execution


WinVNCSC Command Line Execution

Postby eric256 » 2009-11-04 15:26

So I was reading the command line options at

and want to be able to launch single click from the command line passing all my arguments. I have built a 7zip self extracting/executing set of scripts that i want to be able to pass options into single click while starting it, and don't want the single click menu.

I tried downloading winvnc_SCIII.exe and passing the options to it but it appears to ignore the command line options and is not initiating a connection to my proxy

The command I ran was: winvnc_SCIII.exe -connect -id 500 -run
I also tried with -id:500 and excluding it, including ports in the connect, all have the same effect. I end up with a UVNC icon near the clock and it doesn't initiate any connections to the server.

FYI The script grabs a ticket number from users and uses that as the id for the repeater, eventually i want to be able to automatically submit and comment on tickets etc
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Re: WinVNCSC Command Line Execution

Postby redge » 2009-11-04 22:16

proxy must be initiated before SCIII starting
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Re: WinVNCSC Command Line Execution

Postby rockyzhangxq » 2009-11-27 17:46

I just tested; None of the command options work for winvnc_sciii.exe. I also followed here ... ickVNC.htm to create a SCIII client EXE file; It is very strange that every time I launched the EXE, it pops up a Windows to input your ID (but I already put it in the help.txt); After I enter the session ID and it works. Is it possible I can pass argument to winvnc_sciii.exe? Anyone else has a successful test with that?
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