Repeater always have 50% CPU


Repeater always have 50% CPU

Postby Syon » 2012-02-25 10:52


I use UVNC with a repeater.
Distributer Version is on a Win7 pro, installed as a service on a KVM Virtual machine
Everything is working fine but since ... a few days... the distributer.exe is taking 50% of CPU without connecting to any server or client.

I tried to start by hand (not as a service), tried to start with adminrights, tried to delete any files before starting (comments, logs, settings) but nothing works...
After starting, the process idled a few seconds (30-40 sec.) and then ran back to 50%... Everytime between 49% and 51%... Ive no idea about to fix.

Thanks for reading this.
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