winvnc_SCIII with vncviewer need help !!


winvnc_SCIII with vncviewer need help !!

Postby watcha25 » 2013-12-19 04:49

I'm kind of new about vnc . Please help suggest me on this problem

I'm trying to use winvnc_sciii to make reverse connection to another computer on the same network by using command

winvnc_sciii.exe -connect ........ ipaddress ....

Also another computer running vncviewer on listen mode . After run above command there is a prompt to destination to accept connection successfully i can connect to it.

My question is that, Is there any way that i can encryted the connection between them.

I know there are some DSM plugin out there but i have try everything still didnt get encryted connection .
It seems that winVNC_SCIII cant be used with those dsm

I just want
- prompt which show the incoming connection come from (username, ipaddress of incoming connection) which winvnc_sciii can provide me
- connection with encrytion which i think dsm can provide me
- I just only need reverse connection

Please help me solve this

Thanks you for your help in advance : )
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