how to create your own certificate.pem!?


how to create your own certificate.pem!?

Postby snobs » 2006-09-27 11:36

how to create yor own certificate.pem for your SC3 repeater!?

in another thread i came up with the statement of beeing able to create my own certificate.pem. but as i wasn't able to remember how i did it the last time (nor had any backup) i had to do some researches. and finally i found some time for reading the openssl documentation and do some scripting, and i assembled a package of tools and sripts which do the job! it is held as easy as possible, so i hope everybody is able to use it. since i wasn't able to fully test it this version is considered a release candidate. please report back if it worked for you...

download: cert.creator-1.0 (~500kiB)


ps: 7z files are best opened with 7-zip or winrar...

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