uVNC Viewer - user and pass from windows

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uVNC Viewer - user and pass from windows

Postby Johnson » 2017-04-12 07:16

At the beginning I want to apologise for my poor English and say Hi! to everyone.

I'm pretty sure that the solution is somewhere described but I really can't find it.

I'm log to my computer on account which is add to UltraVNC Server in Authentication -> Configure MS Logon -> Add

When I want to connect to station - I run UltraVNC Viewer, enter the name or ip address and push the button "Connect" and in this moment VNC Viewer wants username and password.

Is there any way to set up uVNC Viewer to take username and password from Windows? - Because I'm log to Windows on this account and that will make the whole process much easier

I finded article that I can save the authentication data when I connect to the computer - but I have about 500 computers with uVNC and the easiest way will be to 'tell' uVNC Viewer take this data from logged user

I will be very grateful for the tips
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