Some problems with VNC connections

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Some problems with VNC connections

Postby Racoooon » 2021-03-19 02:59

Hi! I haven't been working with this VNC for a long time, so I'm not good at how to deal with it. I have some problems working as a VNC now, so I'd like to ask you for help.
The PC that uses Ultra VNC Server uses VNC Server for Window XP.
And I don't know the version of the program that the client company is using, but the program I use to monitor is and I use Window 10.
Problems are appearing on both sides.

The first problem is that the server sometimes doesn't work properly, so you have to turn off the program and turn it on again.
The second problem is that the server is turned on well, but When I and customer log on to the UltraVNC program, We only get a black screen on the VNC program.
The third one is that the VNC is slow to respond to the program compared to the server.

When my co-worker first installed this program, he said he had done the initial setup.
I don't think there was a problem for a month or two before, but these problems have started to occur recently.

First of all, thank you for coming to see this about the problem.
If you have any insufficient information, can you tell me?
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