File Transfer not working

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File Transfer not working

Postby Akshat » 2021-09-14 07:15

I am using Ultravnc 1.3.2. (viewer-repeater-server)
I tried to transfer files of different sizes 10kb, 5mb, 100mb, 750mb.
While transferring file of size(750mb) I am getting the "Filetransfer interrupted: reason connection with server broken".
The ultravnc server is installed as a service. I modified the FileTransferTimeout to 40 at first then 300. Still I was not able to transfer the file successfully.
At times, the progress bar showed 100% but still the entire file was not transferred.

Is there something that I am missing? Any suggestions are welcome!
Thanks in advance :)

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Re: File Transfer not working

Postby Thomas Levering » 2021-09-14 20:06

Set the Timeout Setting on Server and Client to 600Sec

With Repeater and one fast and one slow connection. The TCP Buffer on the fast connection is very big 32mb
File 20mb progressbar jumps to 100%.
File 300mb progressbar jumps to 10%. If the tcp buffer is empty progressbar goes to 20%,30%

If the slow connection is to slow to Transfer the size of the tcp buffer in the timeout time, the connection is closed.

Years ago, i ask Rudi to change the max setting to 600sec (Gigabit to EDGE is working)

Test both transfer directions
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