How to show active remote session?

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How to show active remote session?

Postby Heman » 2020-11-02 06:11

Hi Team,

I often remote into my client's computers to troubleshoot and want to assure them that I have logged off. Also want to make sure they know that I am actively still troubleshooting the computer. Other than the UltraVNC system tray icon, there is no other indication to the end-user that there is an active session?

I've seen other products show a message box in the bottom right corner of the desktop. See examples:

Is there any way I can show a clear message/dialogue box on the remote computer that someone is remotely controlling their computer? Any help would really be appreciated!!! Even a script or tip on how to do this programmatically would be appreciated!

BONUS: Is there a way to I can script an END SESSION option in that dialogue box so the end-user doesn't have to do it through the system tray icon?
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