uVNC reverse listenning proxy mode

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uVNC reverse listenning proxy mode

Postby Megs » 2020-11-12 09:25


thanks to this shared product.
I work into a school, some personnal are at home for work, ( damn, this troubled time ).
But home configuration is complicated, and work port oppening is not a matter.
So i saw you have a proxy who would be used to avoid firwalls problems like teamviewer does.
That is a good thing because some softwares will work back from RDS to client side product and need to be launched with recent systems ( SAGE). So user must have acces to their machines. i hate economical trusts...

My first question is: is there a Linux source package available for proxy i should use with a debian VM. Could you advise me to make a solution working with this proxy. ( or who can i compile it to work with )
thechnicaly i have:
- 1 vm under proxmox who shoud be connected only to internet side with some reserved ports for client and server uses. ( witch system i need ?)
- could you explain me the functional principle of client side config.server side( host) config and proxy config in this case ?

thanks in advance for your backs.
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