Connection in both direction - mirror problem

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Connection in both direction - mirror problem

Postby maadi » 2020-12-04 16:49


I use UltraVNC in my network.
The following setup:

PC1: UltraVNC Server
PC2: UltraVNC Viewer
PC3: UltraVNC Viewer

Both viewers (PC2 and 3) are constantly connected to the server and show the PC1 screen. That works perfectly.
In the event of problems on PC2 and 3, I would also like to access these computers via VNC.
I was unable to display the screen of PC2 or PC3 on PC1 (server). I have no way of connecting to the viewer in the server.
So I installed both on PC1, 2 and 3 - server and viewer.
I can now optionally connect in both directions.
Problem: a connection has already been established (PC2 viewer looks at PC1 server) and I want to look at PC2 from PC1 with the viewer, then it works, but the contents of the screen are mirrored. It looks as if two mirrors are endlessly facing each other.
Unfortunately, I cannot terminate the existing connection from PC2 to PC1 on the server side in order to avoid this because the connection to PC3 then also breaks - I use Stop Service for this.

Is there a way to prevent mirroring?

Thank you so much guys for helping informations.
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Re: Connection in both direction - mirror problem

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2020-12-04 19:47

Mirror effect is usal when you connect to yourself ( localhost)

If pc2 is showing pc1 and pc1 connect to pc2 with the viewer open, then you see your own screen.
Can't you just minize the viewer on pc2, so you actual see pc2 and not the vnc viewer on pc2.

If pc1 has 2 monitors, just run the viewer on the second monitor, the you still see your own screen insite the vncviewer on pc2, but it will not loop and you can easy minimize it.
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