Connection Problems :(

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Connection Problems :(

Postby Lowfyr » 2020-12-26 23:03

Hi all :)

I got some trouble with my setup causing sleepless nights

I have to "look" at Desktop of an Win10 Desktop to look at a local Software and watch alarms and sometimes click stop and start button....various times a day .... at first i had team viewer running but there were license Problems :(
so i switched to good old VNC, ran smooth for a good year and i could connect from desktop or one of the Laptops. All in the same LAN, no NAT, same Subnet all fine. I could even conect with my Smartphone(android) and my Wifes Smartphone(IOS) via VNC Viewer (by Real VNC). ran smooth but Smartphone Connection stopped working a few month ago (error MSG: authentication rejected) tried different other android apps: all the same, sometimes with additional info about JAVA Problems.
could deal with that, cause Laptop and Desktop ran well
Now i got a new desktop with Linux mint. same Problem as with the smartphones.
changed to actual ULTRA VNC (1.3.2) but same Problem, installed the server (same install file: 1.3.2.) on Laptop for testing, could connect with linux and smartphones

where is my error ?
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