viewer standalone no listen no tray mode?

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viewer standalone no listen no tray mode?

Postby doctornecrophos » 2021-04-15 15:40

so, i hate "listen" mode because it makes it very hard for the people i try to make computers easy for to use. specifically, it does not open a connection window when launched, and if you launch the shortcut again it yells at you about "it is already running". my user do not know what the tray is, or to look for things there. (also, listen mode makes pinning to the task bar useless for the same reasons)

the people that like and want it, fine, but the program has become unusable for our purposes since that was implemented.

so one option is to find a version before that was part of the program, but it seems like the links on the download section go no where for older version.

another option is maybe there is a "no listen" or stand alone mode install? yes i know i can go edit the desktop shortcut, but again, i know what the tray is and my users do not. they cannot successfully edit the shortcut.

any suggestions?

to be clear, i want to be able to share an installer, and have a non savy user run the installer, and when they use the shortcuts or desktop icons it opens the connection page, and never ever ever puts anything in the try to interfere with future connections. (also, listen mode makes pinning to the task bar useless)
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