Multiple servers, multiple monitors

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Multiple servers, multiple monitors

Postby neilc » 2021-04-27 13:46

I have a requirement to share multiple monitors on a single PC to different clients. I have two related questions:

1. Can I run multiple UltraVNC servers? I have tried (I am using -connect mode with the clients in Listen mode) - even though I have two executables winvc.exe in different locations configured to use different ports and one set to Primary and the other Secondary monitor, and task manager seems to show two processes, both my clients show the same thing. I suspect only one server process is "serving". I did use -multi to start them.
2. ultravnc.ini has the options for Primary and Secondary monitor which I have previously used successfully - how would I specify the screen to share when there are more than two monitors?

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Re: Multiple servers, multiple monitors

Postby Bonji » 2021-05-11 12:41

I can't answer #2 because I'm only just now using the version that supports multiple monitors well, but for #1 just run a single instance of uVNC and allow multiple connections. Of course everyone will have control over the same cursor/input, but that's due to this being remote control software and not something like Terminal Services (multi-session support).
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