Java viewer through a Repeater

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Java viewer through a Repeater

Postby helpkey » 2008-05-18 21:03

Is it possible to use the Java viewer to access an UltraVNC server through the Repeater? I fully understand how to get through the Repeater with the UltraVNC viewer client program, but can it be done using just a browser and the Java viewer?
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Re: Java viewer through a Repeater

Postby roja2 » 2009-10-01 13:59

Yes, it's pretty much possible
1. Download jawaviewer
It has the source code to connect to repeater.
2. Compile and generate jar files as specified in .bat files
3. Then run this command from command line
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java -classpath VncViewer.jar VncViewer HOST ID:2345 PORT 0  REPEATERHOST REPEATERPORT 5901

Note: U should mention same ID as you mentioned while adding new client at the server
4. Now self sign your applet, otherwise you will not be able to view it in the browser
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Re: Java viewer through a Repeater

Postby redge » 2009-10-18 02:34

via Internet Explorer web browser ActiveX
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