Javaviewer won't connect through firewall

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Javaviewer won't connect through firewall

Postby angussf » 2009-02-13 03:42

I've tested the Java Viewer against my Ultr@VNC server running inside my network and it works fine -- I can connect to, the Java client loads, and all is good. However, I can't connect from outside the firewall (an IPCop box). I've tried from both Mac (OS X 10.5, both Firefox 3 and Safari) and Windows XP (Firefox 3) and all I get is a bar of buttons with "Options" and "Reset" active and the rest greyed-out (inactive). The button bar is in the middle of the browser window when I'm coming from outside, while for working connections from insde the LAN the button bar is at the top of the browser window.

I have tried with both port 5845 forwarded to 5800 and 5945 to 5900 (keeping the 100-port separation as noted on another thread in this forum) and with 5800+5900 forwarded without offset and I never get the login prompt. FWIW I'm using MS Login. I even tested further by adding UDP ports 5800+5900 to no avail.

Ideas welcome. I would really like to get this working as I need the Java Viewer so I can connect directly to these workstations from my Macbook instead of using the native Windows viewer (which I can use from my Windows desktops and laptop).

I know port-forwarding works fine on the firewall, as I use RDP to connect to Terminal Services on the servers, but I don't have TS available on all the workstations (and I don't even want to think about managing it on all of them ;-).

TIA for any help

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Re: Javaviewer won't connect through firewall

Postby redge » 2009-02-15 02:58

work around:
native vncviewer for mac
SSVNC (or enhanced tight vnc viewer)
UltraVNC (built 20110518)
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Re: Javaviewer won't connect through firewall

Postby Mr. Shaky » 2011-01-06 14:54

Aside from installing a viewer, did you get this to work? I can connect with IE, but not firefox on my pc, or safari, firefox or chrome on my mac.
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