bug NAT redirection daisy chain java port 5801 > 5800

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bug NAT redirection daisy chain java port 5801 > 5800

Postby redge » 2011-01-02 22:26

internet NAT 5801 > 5800 ... winvnc http redirect to 5900 fail double redirect
internet NAT 5901 > 5900 ... ok via vncviewer (single redirect)

Darkside wrote:I have the router set to forward port 5901 to port 5900 at and also set to forward port 5902 to port 5900 at so I can connect to both computers externally. This works,


For the JAVA part, I also have port 5801 forwarded to port 5800 at and port 5802 forwarded to port 5800 at

on web browser

Network error: could not connect to server: myhost.dyndns.org:5900

verified, fail for my web browser too

happen on all version of winvnc where no single port sharing http+rfb

solution update of winvnc:
single port sharing http+rfb

rewrite internal
internet NAT 5801 > 5800 redirect to 5900 -->5800 send back to --> 5801
java network forget to remember the route NAT packet
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