Windows Login disabled

Windows Login disabled

Postby dvoelkerts » 2009-11-11 07:35


we have a big issue using 64-Bit UVNC on Windows 2003 boxes. Periodically if you logon using mslogonII the normal login window of windows is disabled.

So you can press STRG-ALT-F4 to logon and than you only see user and password disabled and blank.

The domain field is filled with the correct ADS domain but although greyed out.

Any ideas on this? As it is a productive machine all we can do is to reboot the system. In Addition you can't login at the console (same effect).

RDP login went just fine but that is no option for us.


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Re: Windows Login disabled

Postby redge » 2009-11-11 22:30

you can use MS Logon II but is limited , modify NTLM on server 2003
NTLM v1.0, OK
NTLM v2.0 unsupported.

Active directyory + ctrl-alt-del
Unknown user name when using ms logon

update to ultravnc
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