Windows crashes after VNC login (ver

Windows crashes after VNC login (ver

Postby mblake4u » 2010-01-19 16:27


Over the last week my Windows 2003 server has crashed twice immediately after someone's tried to connect to the VNC server.

If I have a look in the Windows event log I see a VNC "connection received" and the Windows error "the previous shutdown was unexpected".

The interesting thing is that the shutdown event occurs at almost exactly the same time as the VNC connection is made, and there's nothing else of interest in the event log.

I've had a quick search on the internet and in the forum, but can't see any other people reporting that Windows crashes. This VNC version was installed quite a long time ago, but it's only recently started doing this.

It's a production server so I haven't tested newer versions of VNC. Has anyone else ever had Window crash (not just the service)?

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