Viewer crash while doing folder zip to transfer

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Viewer crash while doing folder zip to transfer

Postby vineeta1shukla » 2015-06-28 14:17

I modified and build UltraVNC source code according to my requirement and everything is working fine but when i am trying to transfer a folder, viewer is gonna crash while file transfer is working fine and some times folder transfer is also working fine (this problem is on both side from Remote -> Local and Local ->Remote ).i think there is some problem in folder zip method because when it calls
int nDirZipRet = m_client->ZipPossibleDirectory(m_client->m_szSrcFileName); and in this function make another call to ZipDirectory() function of ZipUnzip32.cpp class to zip the folder.
bool fZip = m_pZipUnZip->ZipDirectory(szPath, szDirectoryName, szDirZipPath, true); i put some log in ZipPossibleDirectory fuction (FileTransfer.cpp and vncclient.cpp file) but after this line (above) log is not created on both side(server and viewer)

am i doing wrong any thing while building the viewer and winvnc.
Please some body help me how can i make it work.
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