How to setup UltraVNC repeater mode SSL (SCIII)

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How to setup UltraVNC repeater mode SSL (SCIII)

Postby IT researcher » 2016-08-23 05:02

I am getting an error in repeater while trying to establish connection between server and viewer.
I have downloaded testing files from here

I am using windows server. I run the repeater from the downloaded setup, in my web server using the certificate available in that and that is listening properly.
I have also run the viewer by giving myserverip:443 and ID:******
It appeared in the repeater, and the status was waiting for connection.
When I run the server (winvnc.exe) by mentioning serverip and id in “helpdesk.txt” and keeping the “CERTIFICATE.PEM” in the same directory of winvnc.exe, I used to get error in repeater that,
This TCPTunnel is be destructed
ERROR: accept SSL unsuccessful
Why I am getting this error ?
Whether the certificate given in above link is not proper ?
What type of certificate files are supports in SCIII ? If it’s only .PEM files how to create .PEM certificate from IIS ?
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