Speed issue in Ultra VNC with repeater mode III

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Speed issue in Ultra VNC with repeater mode III

Postby IT researcher » 2016-08-26 11:36

I am using ultra vnc to connect my clients remotely. I have repeater with mode II in my webserver(port 5500 and 5901). Recently I got some clients who are working behind proxy server. When I try connecting them ultra vnc was not working. I came to know that that is because my repeaters port is blocked in their proxy server.

While searching I came to know that I need to use repeater mode III, which uses port 443 by default.

So I have downloaded the required files from herehttp://www.uvnc.com/downloads/single-click/82-single-click-downloads.html( ALL SC III (repeater + test files) ),

I did required settings of repeater in my webserver and connected vnc viewer and vnc server successfully. Now problem is I am facing very slow connection issue and slow refresh issue in mode III compared to mode II.

Is there anyone facing the same problem and solved the issue ?

I observe that the downloaded files for mode III is built in 2005, whether this is the reason of slow connection ?

I didn’t get any new compiled files/source code of mode III repeaters, if anyone have can you please share the same ?
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Re: Speed issue in Ultra VNC with repeater mode III

Postby Rudi De Vos » 2016-08-27 19:20

This is an old project, one of the erasons the development stopped wa beacuse it's slow
viewer (ssl encryption) <->proxy<->(SSL decryption)repeater (SSL encryptio)<->proxy<->(ssl encryption) server
All src we have is on that page

2X SSL tunnels ( server/repeater and viewer/repeater)
repeater need to decrypt and re-encrypt
If a https proxy is used some extra https ppackage data is added and packages are split
not secure
The repeater can read the data ( he encrypt/decrypt)

Using a normal repeater
-viewer and server does the encryption
-repeater copy encrypted data, doesn't know the data content.
Rudi De Vos
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Re: Speed issue in Ultra VNC with repeater mode III

Postby Bedazzled » 2016-08-28 04:17

try ProxyMapper - console program for transparent forwarding through different types of proxies
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