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  • Why doesn't ChunkVNC do XYZ or ABC?
    Feature requests are welcome!

  • Why won't the viewer connect to the repeater when both are on the same LAN?
    Some routers don't support WAN loopback, either:
    * Check your router settings to enable WAN loopback.
    * Switch to LAN mode as shown in the Installation Guide.

  • Does ChunkVNC support web proxys or the SSL port 443 function of the repeater?
    As of release 3.3 HTTP Proxy support is built in, it requires that the Repeater be running a server listen port of 443.
    Do not enable the repeaters SSL(443) option, only set the server listening port.

  • Is it possible to get the InstantSupport ID number without being told?
    Yes, currently you have to look at the repeater log window to see the connections.

  • Can I run InstantSupport on a computer that already has a VNC server running?
    No, you must shut down the current VNC server before running InstantSupport.
    Since version 3.2 most but not all VNC servers will be shut down automatically by InstantSupport.

  • Is it possible to use ChunkVNC for a direct connection with no repeater?
    This is possible but would ruin the current simplicity of the project and would require massive changes in code.
    It's much easier to utilize the repeater than to figure out how to forward many ports for a multiple technician situation.

  • Do I need to run the repeater all of the time?
    No, but without the repeater running InstantSupport and ChunkViewer have no way of communicating to each other.

  • Can I move the Viewer folder out of the ChunkVNC source?
    No, in order for the compiler to correctly make InstantSupport you must never change the folders.
    Make a copy of the folder instead.

  • Why is ChunkVNC getting detected as a virus?
    Pretty much every compiled AutoIt script is incorrectly detected as a virus.
    The best I can do is use a version of AutoIt that is detected the least with
    Please help me by submitting the false detection to your virus scanner company.

  • I installed ChunkVNC as a service many hours ago and now I cannot reconnect.
    Currently it is recommended to only install service to bypass UAC in Vista/7.
    The server should always reconnect to the repeater, sometimes the reconnect can take a few minutes so keep trying.

  • Is there a way to setup the repeater as a service?
    Yes, but running the repeater as a service on Windows is untested and not recommended at this time.

  • Where can I get a linux repeater?
    A Perl repeater is included with version 3.2 in the SRC\Linux folder.
    Otherwise run the included Windows repeater with Wine.
    B made a list of available Repeaters.

  • Sometimes file schook.dll is left behind and I can't delete it.
    This is a bug has been fixed with version 3.2.

  • UAC prompts cause the viewer to close.
    This is a bug has been fixed with version 3.2.

  • I can't control a program after it prompted for UAC.
    This is the point of UAC, you don't have access to the program that asked for administrative permission to run.
    Install as Service to gain control of UAC prompts.

  • How did you settle on the name ChunkVNC?
    It's a nickname I've had since I was a kid so I nickname my software the same.

  • Is there a way to use words / text rather than 6 digit numbers?
    Currently the repeater only allows numerical ID's.

  • Can the repeater be on the same pc as the viewer?
    Yes but keep in mind that it makes the most sense to keep the repeater in a fixed location. If you will be moving the computer running ChunkViewer offsite it will be difficult to keep the network configuration updated for InstantSupport to know where to connect. In this scenario it would be best to dedicate a machine somewhere to run the repeater.

  • Can I change the default Viewer quality level?
    Yes, you can adjust the quality after compiling in the Viewer\Bin\chunkviewer.ini file, look for Quality=3
    1: Auto
    2: LAN
    3: Medium
    4: Modem
    5: Slow
    7: Ultra

  • Can a DynDns address be used for the repeater?
    Yes, in the installation guide I use as an example

  • Do I have to be prompted for a password every time I connect with ChunkViewer?
    No, you can store the password in the Viewer\Bin\chunkviewer.ini file.
    Look for the ChunkViewer ini setting "Password=" for storing a default connection password, for the lazy only. WARNING: Obviously insecure storing passwords in plain text!

ChunkVNC Customization FAQ:

  • How do I modify ChunkVNC?
    Any text editor will do but I prefer the AutoIt Script Editor SciTE which can be found in the downloads page at
    The .au3 files in the SRC directory are the scripts that get compiled into Viewer, Compiler and InstantSupport.

  • How do I change the title of the InstantSupport window or the language of other messages?
    The first few lines of InstantSupport.au3 contain language strings.

Please donate a case of beer to me if you love this project! :D
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