chunkvnc - connection failure

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chunkvnc - connection failure

Postby bush » 2013-12-05 19:36


Anybody knows the solution to followin issue pls?
Viewer and instantsupport are properly running - i mean there is no warning, and both properly connected to repeater.
In the repeater log on the main (windows) server i also see the instantsupport ID appearing when activated (see log below)

However when i enter the ID in the viewer, the connection is not created
Satus negotiate protocol version... and after a few minutes: connection failed, end of stream
Possible causes: another user is already licensed on this id or bad connection
I tested on several users and machines, but result remains same.
Any idea? (firewall and other bad stuff disabled)

Repeater for Rel1.0.8 of PcHelpware socket() initialized
bind() succeded to port 5902
listen() succeded
socket() initialized
bind() succeded to port 5905
listen() succeded
Reading Proxy settings erro
Server added to list 214220
recv 12
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Re: chunkvnc - connection failure

Postby JonD » 2013-12-09 01:48

I have run into this in the past and my only solution (that always seemed to work) was a restart of the repeater.

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