chunkvnc digitally sign

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chunkvnc digitally sign

Postby newxp » 2014-09-04 17:51

i have compiled chunkvnc and put it on my website.
i then told my costumers to go to my website and click on the link to run the app.

my costumers try to download the app and got a smartscreen blocking in IE
and when they try to do the same in chrome the got a message that chrome block the file (but download it and put it in the download folder)
can i digitaly sign the EXE file ?
if is how ?
if no what can i do ??

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Re: chunkvnc digitally sign

Postby jcesario » 2014-10-14 16:31

I have the same "problem".....

On the forum exist one topic about that, I read that post. I have already tried to search it but I can´t find it (I have searched different words). Try to find it (you may be luckiest) and if you find that "how to" post please tell me.
I will again.....

Jorge Cesário
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